Product Engineering

We are the designers, engineers, innovators and problem-solvers situated across the nation.We create groundbreaking products that set new benchmarks in today’s changing world

Advaitha facilitates revolutionary product and engineering transformation across industries. We bring skilled professionals and combine them with our innovation labs and a sharp focus on Digital Transformation to deliver end-to-end engineering R&D. Over the years, we have developed smarter products for our clients, from the design board to the shop floor and out to the market. Our ability to leverage new-age technologies such as IoT, Cloud, 3D Printing, Virtualization, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a deep impact on the way enterprises do business in an ever-changing world.

Stay prepared for Digital Product Development 

Increasing disruption in product ideation, design and delivery coupled with emerging concepts like 3D printing, Smart Manufacturing and Digital twin have opened a new era of product development and PLM processes. We assist our customers in their PLM transformational journey through initiatives such as Digital PLM, Model Based Enterprise and Industry 4.0, helping them achieve faster time to market and deliver Next Gen products

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