Additive Manufacturing

We are the leading provider of Polymer, Metal and composite additive manufacturing solutions and services to the Aerospace,  Automotive,  Defense, Industrial, Healthcare,  Jewelry and oil & Gas industries. We offer the complete  solutions  of Additive right from the Design , Build and  confined  AM Centers which includes Additive Consulting, Additive Design & Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Research and Development Services.


Additive Consulting

DigiAdvaitha consultants and experts study the client requirements, define an implementation roadmap, jointly identify pilot and production projects, understand functional and performance expectations and discuss potential business value additions through Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Design and Engineering

Additive Design and Engineering services are based on a profound understanding of various aspects of the technology related to customer needs.

Additive Manufacturing

DigiAdvaitha offers a complete set of manufacturing services based on a robust superiority framework. The services range from prototypes right up to production runs of various material components.

Research & Development

Additive developmental projects require technical resilience and ability, a collaborative mindset, research capabilities both in-house and in the partner ecosystem and business models that support such projects.

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