Oldage Home

Pavanasutha Oldage Home has been set up with the aim of providing home comforts and peace of mind to seniors seeking peace and calm. It is to be run as a non profit institution by the Pavanasutha Trust for Promotion of Indian Heritage, a social service organization to provide shelter to people of advanced years who feel stressed out by the daily hassles and troubles of life. The aim is to make them feel they are truly at HOME though in a different residence. Their stay at Pavanasutha Oldage home will free them from various worries and pressures and find them a new life with all the basic comforts and care essential for them. They will never feel that Pavanasutha Oldage home is a punishment transfer of residence because they have been rejected by society.
Established in the year 1997 by Dr T. Koteswara Rao with the sole motivation of taking care of senior citizens whose numbers and problems have manifested into a complicated nature.
Among many human achievements of 20th century "longitivity of life" is one, which is contribution of modern medical science this resulted in accelerated growth of senior citizens.
To establish senior citizen homes for elders who are seeking social interaction, secure living to persuade their interests and yet remain free from all social pressures
To maintain physical, psychological, spiritual aspects of each individual member
To provide well furnished accommodation and comfortable living facilities