Kartheeka Deepotsavam

When the light on the top of the Tiruvannamalai Hill is unveiled on the Kartheeka Deepam day, People see that big light and worship it They recite again and again in a Loud voice “Harohara”. The estoric meaning is that he who sees the light of lights that is burning eternally in the chambers of his heart through constant meditation attains immortality. The light on the Arunachala brings the message to you that the self or Lord Shiva is self- effulgent; he is the light of lights. On the Karthika Deepam day At Hanuman Junction, people make bonfires infront of temples in the evening. It is said to Lord shiva burnt the choriots of several demons who were torturing sages and celestials. This bonfire symbolizes this legend.
Annihilate the three impurities, namely, egoism, selfish action and delusion. Burn the mind, senses and the desires in the fire of knowledge of the Self or Shiva Jnanam. Attain full illumination and behold the light of lights, which illuminates the mind and the fire. This is real Kartheeeka Deepam.