Kalpa vruksha swaroopayai ,Sarvesham sathatham pare,
Ksheeradayai , dhanadayai,Budhidayai namo nama.

Goseva means serving the cows with love and protect the cows . Goshala or GauShala, a Sanskrit word, means Sanctuary of all the cows at a single point.
Our mission is to promote love and protection to the Cows and its virtues.
According to Hindu Mythology Brahma who is an originator created Brahmans and cows at a same time. The cow symbolizes the Dharma itself.
Brahma also affirmed that it was the mother of all Gods ought to be worshipped and any body that kills or allows killing deemed to be in the Hell for so many years after their death.
Sri Basaroor Pramod Kumar, who got a tremendous belief in Hindu mythology ,taken initiation for the establishment of Goshala in the year of 2007 .Goshala is the sanctuary where all the sick and old cows are collected and maintained. At present Goshala has been taking care of around 70 Cows and around 25 calves in a spacious and peaceful environment of about 10 acres..
Moved by this practice Anantapur District Collector, Mayor and the Police Officers also came forward and extended their help for the sustainable development of Goshala since its inception.