The Emancipation of Hanuman

Lord Shiva was born into this world as Hanuman, the monkey god. His parents were Pawan, the Wind God, and his wife Anjana. Hanuman was a bundle of mischief when he was a child. He was very active. So he had a very healthy appetite too. Most of the time he was hungry. He was ready to eat anything that was tasty and within his reach.
In His childhood Hanuman was mischievous his mother was unable to control him and on one fine day went out to collect some flowers & fruits. when he was sleeping. Unfortunately she was late on that day and when Hanuman woke up He was so hungry and as there was no fruit is available in the surroundings he was tempted by seeing the Lord Sun. as the sun looked like a big juicy fruit .hanuman thought it was a big ripe watermelon which took Him a big leap.which has taken him close to the sun.
While He is near by He noticed Rahu. Rahu who was on the way to swallow Sun.
Thinking Him as a competitor Hanuman beat him and held the Sun firmly in his hands. Rahu was furious. He tried to snatch the sun from Hanuman. But he failed.
Angrily he ran to Lord Indra the lord of all the Gods and complained, " Oh! Lord! You gave me permission to cast shadow on the sun, at will. Today, I wanted to do that. But a young monkey snatched it from under my nose in the nick of the time.hearing to this lord Indra was furious and went along with Him.
They were astonished to see the Hanuman who was trying to swallow the sun. Indra got enraged. He drew his weapon, the Vajrayudh, and hurled at Hanuman. It hit him below the chin. He blacked out and fell on the ground with a big thud.
By seeing his wounded child Pawan, the wind god, he felt very terrible . He lost his temper And screamed at Lord Indra , for doing this.He was so annoyed that he made the universe became vacuum.
By this move of Pawan all the Gods became panicky and rushed to Lord Brahama . As per his directions they went to Lord Hanuman and asked for forgiveness accompanied with some of their divine powers.
This made Pawan Dev happy. He released the air streams and life returned again on earth.