About Temple

The Temple has been beautifully occupied with ½ acre of land with 67ft. of temple looks marvelously on the National Highway-7. On the top of main temple a 32 ft. of Sri.Abhayanjaneya has been sculptured in a standing posture who Has stood on 5ft.lotus with a gigantic pose. The temple has been beautifully surrounded with a mob of different idols and a Dhyana Mandira has been constructed in the bottom of the temple. It has also occupied a holy Goshala and as well as mini-kalyana mantapa. The sensation after prathista has been very clear as once it was very famous for accidents, but after this it has been observed as accident-free zone. The sankalpa of Sri B.Pramod Kumar has been completed so far 14 years and from the day of erection to till date, this Hanuman Junction has been rendering services to the public in various ways like devotional, economical, social, etc., which shows the divine power of Lord Abhayanjaneya.