Dear Fellow Devotees and Well Wishers:
We are very happy to inform you that our website www.hanumanjunction.org is fully updated with all latest information about our Hanuman Junction Abhaya anjaneya swamy temple and its activies , pooja timings Hanuman Junction Abhaya anjaneya swamy temple.
By the Grace of Abhya Anjaneya Swamy and continued support from all of you, the past years remain a memorable years for all of us with the temple having reached a significant milestones.
This Temple is located on the National Highway-7 near Anantapur. The Temple has been constructed in typical Ancient Indian Style in accordance with Vastu Shilpa Shastra based on the plans.
In the annual meeting held on 5th March 2010, our new plans to be implemented in the temple were discussed. Our Pavanasutha Organizing Trust needs His Devine grace for the necessary enlightenment for the better understanding and unity in the community. With the intention of promoting religious consciousness among the devotees. To unite and increase active co-operation, we have formed Pavanasutha organizing Trust which acts as a part of our Temple.
We appeal to all of our devotees for generous contribution towards all the Temple projects
The staff continues to function well with team spirit in coordination with each other to serve Lord Hanuman and Lord Hanuman devotees.
We have an excellent and dedicated group of volunteers covering all the areas.
We take this opportunity to thank them and express our appreciation and gratitude to all of them for their sterling services.
All contributions are tax deductible.
I wish to express my thanks to all for your support.
I appeal for your continued help and support for this noble cause. We welcome all suggestions for improvement.